Solution - The game does not load

If your browser refuses to load a game, it may have issues with the Shockwave plugin, or it may require the Unity Web Player for the game. In this situation, you may:

1. Install Shockwave (if not installed):

2. Install Unity Web Player (if your game requires it):

3. We recommend using Firefox if possible.

4. But if you like to use Google Chrome, you may do the following after installing the Shockwave and Unity Web Player:

(a) In the Chrome's address bar, type: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

(b) Find "Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows" in the list, click "Enable"

(c) In the Chrome's address bar, type: chrome://plugins

(d) Find "Adobe Shockwave Player" in the list, click "Always allowed to run"

(e) Find "Unity Player", click "Enable" if not enabled & check "Always allowed to run"

(f) Relaunch the browser.

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